Wild Art.

As part of our topic on The Wild World and our learning of extreme weathers, including volcanoes, we looked at how artists use colour and blending techniques. We looked at the  work of Edvard Munch’s ‘ The Scream’ to see how colours could be blended together to create an image.




The Great Outdoors!

Today we have been thinking about harvest time and the season it falls in. We took a second to admire Autumn and find evidence of it in our school grounds. We then used this to create our harvest festival plant pots. What do you think? All our pots will be available to buy tomorrow after school.

Curious minds…

Today we explored simple circuits and predicted whether certain circuits would lead to a bulb lighting up. We thought of and answered our own questions like: What would happen if I added more batteries? Can I use more than one bulb? At the end of the lesson  we tried to make a large class circuit but this is something we will have to continue working on next week.

Killing us with kindness!

Congratulations to Ibadat and Taylah for getting the first star of the week award for this academic year. Both of these children have been showing their kindness in different ways: from holding open doors for their friends to using some of their playtime to help others complete their work. Keep it up guys!